RCM 2017 – Thailand

Upcoming Opportunity for SCM Aotearoa: Conference on Human Sexuality and Regional Committee Meeting of WSCF Asia Pacific.

Dates:  May 5-14, 2017 Venue: Bangkok Christian Guest House, Thailand

We are looking for expressions of interest for this unique program in Thailand in May. This will be half a Biblico-Theological Conference on Sexuality, followed by the Regional Committee Meeting for the World Student Christian Federation Asia Pacific Region. This is an important forum for SCMA to be part of, share our experiences and contribute in conversation to the future life of the regional and global movements.

SCMA will be nominating a male and a female delegate to attend, and WSCF will choose a balanced cohort that is 50% students and has an equal gender balance. The successful delegate with need to contribute 15% of the cost of flights, and arrange travel insurance – SCMA assists with this entire process. 

If this sounds like something you or someone you know would be interested in learning more about, send us a FB message, or email office@scm.org.nz for a chat. 


Full message from WSCF-Asia Pacific:

Dear SCM National Movements in Asia Pacific,

 Peace greetings from the WSCF AP regional office in Hong Kong!

We are happy to announce of the upcoming 22nd Regional Committee Meeting (RCM) of the WSCF Asia-Pacific Region.  The  RCM is the highest policy making body of the WSCF Asia-Pacific Region. It is composed of official delegates from WSCF affiliate and associate members in AP region, WSCF AP officers and staff, observers and guests.  The RCM meets once in two years to perform the functions under the ‘mandate in the WSCF AP By-laws’. Apart from the mandated functions, the RCM is also a space for prayer, theological reflection, dialogue, ecumenism, and celebration. It is an opportunity to learn together as an ecumenical family about issues and challenges confronting our communities. We are expecting delegates from SCMs of Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste,  and New Zealand.

The  RCM was supposed to be held in February 2017.  However, the Standing Committee of the WSCF AP has decided to postpone to May 2017, mainly due to financial reasons. After discussing with four SCMs to host the 22nd RCM, finally, the RCM will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. As you all know that the funders do not fund to hold the organizational meetings, and this  RCM will be combined with a program.

The 22nd RCM is designed to create space for the delegates to develop theological perspectives, articulate,  discourse and dialogue on Human Sexuality in the field of Identity, Diversity, and Dialogue through a Biblico Theological Conference. Prior to the RCM business sessions, all the delegates of RCM will participate in a three days conference. Please refer the concept note for more information.

Kindly go through in details of some of the technical and logistic information for the RCM mentioned below:

Theme: Identity, Diversity & Dialogue (IDD) 

Dates:  May 5-14, 2017

Venue: Bangkok Christian Guest House, Thailand

Address: 123, Saladaeng Soi 2, Silom Raod, Silom, Khet Bangrak, Bangkok,10500, Thailand

Pre-Women’s Meeting/Program

  • Arrival of women RCM delegates: May 5th
  • Meeting: May 5-6
  • Arrival of male RCM delegates: May 6th
  • Biblico Theological  Conference: May 7-9
  • Regional Committee Meeting: May 10-13
  • Departure of all delegates: May 14th


SCM National Representative to the RCM

One (1) Official representative from the member movements (affiliated and associated) will represent in the RCM. According to the WSCF AP By-law, at least 50% of the representatives should be students and women (Art 3, Sec. 2 b, ).

We, therefore, request you to send two nominations (1 female, 1 male) from your SCMs to enable us to select the  RCM delegate to ensure the gender balance. The delegate for the Theology conference is the same delegate for the 22nd RCM.

 Pre-Women’s Meeting

The Pre-Women’s Meeting to the RCM is a space for the women delegates to the RCM to celebrate the life and experiences of SCM women. It is also a time to share with each other on the women’s situations and concerns in the National Movements. This is also an important time for the Regional Women’s Coordinator/ Regional Women’s Committee members to share on the current work of the Regional Women’s Programme and discuss on the nominations for the next leadership of the RWC. And come up with a program planning for 2017-2019. 

We, therefore, request your delegate to the Theology conference and RCM  a woman then she needs to arrive in Bangkok on May 5th  to attend the Pre-Women’s Meeting. More information will be sent to the women delegates about the Pre-Women’s Meeting/program by our regional women’s committee members.

Nomination to the Standing Committee, Regional Women’s Committee and Human Rights Justice and Peace Committee

The 22nd RCM will select/elect new leadership for the above-mentioned committees of the WSCF AP for the next biennium 2017-2019

The following Thirteen (11) positions are open for nominations:

Standing Committee:

–  (1) Chairperson

–  (1) Vice-chairperson

–  (2) Members-at-Large

Requirement: At least half of the officers are students, and half are women. (Art III, Sec 3 b, Art IV Sec 1.2-3).  The sub-regional balance will also be considered in the final nomination procedure.

Regional Women’s Committee:

– (3) Women representatives nominated by the Pre-Women’s Meeting

Requirement:  At least 50 % shall be students. (Art. V Sec. 2)

 Human Rights Justice and Peace Committee:

-(4) representatives from each sub-region (South Asia, South East Asia, North East Asia and South Pacific)

Requirement: 50% of the composition of the Committee should be students and there should be gender balance and sub-regional balance. (Art.VI Sec.1 b,c)

If your national movement is interested in nominating any person for any of the 11 positions mentioned above, kindly ensure that your movement has discussed thoroughly this decision and considered all the attached requirements for nomination and the procedure below.

VII. SCM National Reports

Kindly note that one of the most important reports in the meeting is  National Reports. We would like to request you to prepare 3-4 pages of written report on the situation of the national movement, using the attached guidelines. We would also request an electronic copy send to the regional office on March 20, so that it can be included in the RCM kit. You are most welcome to present your reports using creative methods. 

Yours sincerely,

Sunita Suna

Regional Secretary
WSCF Asia-Pacific


Some accompanying resources:

  1. IDD and RCM Concept Paper
  2. Functions of the Asia Pacific Committees
  3. Committee Nomination Information