SCM Structure

SCM Nationally

The national movement is run by the National Co-ordinating Group (NCG) and the General Secretary. They are responsible for the oversight of each local movement. Each year there is a national conference which all SCM units are invited to. Contact the National Office for more details.

SCM Regionally

SCM Aotearoa is part of WSCF Asia-Pacific. This gives us a close relationship to SCMs within our region and means that we can have virtual communication through web-based resources building solidarity and understanding. There is also a chance for some SCMer’s to physically meet with students from other Asia-Pacific SCM’s through regional Training Programmes.

At present there are eighteen National Student Christian Movements in the Asia Pacific Region.

For more info:World Student Christian Federation | Asia-Pacific Region (

SCM Globally

SCM Aotearoa is part of the World Student Christian Federation which links more than SCMs in more than 90 countries split into six regions, making it the largest student organisation in the world. WSCF is an official NGO with consultative status at the United Nations. Being part of the WSCF means that SCM’ers in Aotearoa will have the opportunity to participate in conferences all over the world.

For more info: Home – World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)