Palestine, Performativity, and Prophetic Action

The images and stories coming out of Palestine are horrific and shocking — but, as Susan Sontag wrote, do these images have any power to tell a story or change a mind or only to shock? When people share these stories, reports, and images, especially online, what goals are there other than awareness? Whilst it can feel disempowering and despairing when it seems all we can do is to share things on social media, are there ways outside of social media that we can orient our bodies and lives in a way that materialises into something deeper and perhaps more relational than awareness?

These questions and more will be explored in this conversation with Rev Dr Jordan Redding! All are invited to join us for this conversation and encouraged to bring your own questions, experiences doing protest, and your theological perspectives.

Thursday 15 March
Hybrid in the Garden Room @ St Peter’s on Willis, Te Whanganui-a-tara
Zoom (register below for link)

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