Support Us

We at SCM Aotearoa are doing our best to secure a future for the movement, however we won’t be able to achieve this without the support of like-minded people and our brilliant Senior Friends!
Support could come in the form of:
  • Offer of accommodation – to keep costs down it would be useful to have offers of accommodation for when the National Secretary of other SCMer’s are travelling
  • Offer of an introduction – a key part of rebuilding will be connecting with people and groups who have an interest in the future of SCMA
  • Offer of a speaking invitation – We are keen to promote what SCMA is doing to anyone and everyone!
  • Offer of a skill – you or a contact of yours may have skills, resources or experience which you/ they could lend to SCMA
  • Or financial support – running a national movement is an expensive enterprise!

Support can be made in several ways:

Email the General Secretary

Let the General Secretary know what skills, contacts or experiences you can offer to Movement. This could be an offer to speak, contacts of young people you know who may be interested in joining the movement, or even just some words on encouragement!
Email to:

A direct one- off or ongoing payment to the SCM Aotearoa bank account

SCMA bank account number is:
03 1706 0008535 00
Westpac, Upper Riccarton

Or Donate NOW using our secure donation button:

Or By contributing to the SCM Aotearoa Investment Trust

Student Christian Movement Investment Trust
Williams Accountants
Chartered Accountants
P.O. Box 8575