SCM Otago

The bible in one hand, the newspaper in the other, and the Critic in your back pocket.

This saying is to demonstrate the three elements of SCM’s identity- faith, relevancy, and students. The train represents all three of these elements traveling together to form the movement of SCM Otago.

Since its inception, SCM Otago has been committed to providing Otago students with a questioning, supportive, and active approach to their faith. The group has a history of progressive activism on campus, engaging with the relevant issues to bring about social change while following Jesus.


SCM Otago is a progressive Christian group for students. We meet regularly to pray together, discuss theology, politics and life, and endeavour to take action on justice-related issues. We run film screenings, fundraise for charities, take part in dialogues, and raise awareness of social and justice issues around the Otago community.  If you want to learn more about the history and background of SCM Otago, you can find more information here.


•  Meet like-minded students

•  Explore and deepen your faith

•  Engage with theology

•  Attend fun informative events

•  Act on social justice issues

•  Join a global ecumenical movement


Come along to our meetings- All students are welcome!

Join our Facebook group for up-to-date information on times, location, and special events to get involved in.

Email: FB: Student Christian Movement Otago

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