Who are we?

The Student Christian Movement is an inclusive and progressive group of people of many faiths, dreamers, philosophers, cynics and theologians.  We’re a movement of students, past and present, all over the country who are responding to the call of Jesus to show the love of God on our campuses, in our communities and across the world. We meet at universities across Aotearoa to debate the big ideas, get involved in social change and explore faith and spirituality.

Founded in 1896, SCM Aotearoa has a proud history of progressive theology and active involvement with current affairs in the world, Church and student life. SCM Aotearoa connects local SCM units in tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand and also globally as a member of the World Student Christian Federation.

As Jesus invites all people to share relationship, we too welcome everyone to our table at SCM – those with burning questions, those who have been hurt by the Church, those who simply need a place to rest and worship… We look forward to having you with us.


What does that look like in action?

SCM’s vision is that every student can find a vibrant, open and inclusive Christian community, where they can explore faith and be inspired to put faith in to action.

There are groups at universities across the country, who are each their own SCM unit – and of course they each have their own flavour!

There are pizza nights, study sessions, public lectures, pub debriefs, prayer labyrinths, theological discussions, yarn bombing, solidarity nights and a good bit of student activism… what would you like your SCM group to add to this list?

Being part of the Student Christian Movement is about being real, being challenged and being together!

Take a look at what SCM is up to at the moment: 

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