In the beginning…

The first SCM branches in Aotearoa were founded in 1896 by the great evangelist and ecumenist John R Mott. SCM Aotearoa is one of the oldest student organisations in Aotearoa and one of the oldest SCM’s in the world. The values of openness, inclusiveness and progressive, critical approach to Christianity were as important in the early days of the movement as they are now.

The Middle Ages

SCM helped set up University Chaplaincies in the 30’s and 40’s. Until the 1960’s it was deeply involved and intertwined with New Zealand churches until the student revolution of the 70’s where SCM radically re-orientated itself.

In 1987 SCM reformed further to acknowledge treaty issues, changing its name from NZSCM to SCM Aotearoa and incorporating the Treaty of Waitangi into its constitution.