Appeal for financial support for the Regional Women’s Coordinator of the WSCF A-P

Dear General Secretaries, National Coordinators, Senior Friends and well-wishers of WSCF Asia pacific,

We the members of the Regional Women’s Committee would like to share our concerns and specific requests through this appeal.


We are thankful to God, for the blessings  that have been received from   the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF).  Since the foundation of the Federation in 1895  the SCMs, individual members have  nurtured  the WSCF and sustained it’s unique ministry among student communities with their significant efforts.  Particularly we are thankful for the leadership and our committed senior friends and SCMs for their continuous supports for the WSCF  Asia-Pacific region.

Throughout the history, we have heard and many of our ecumenical leaders have witnessed, the ups and downs within the Federation. And every time the Federation has come up with creative ideas and new directions to overcome those challenges, with the support of committed members. And the important  work of the WSCF is carried out by the members of each movement.  These members spread the spirit of ecumenism,  and articulate our Christian faith into praxis by amplifying voices  for  justice and peace. The work of the WSCF AP region has produced many young ecumenical leaders to work for education rights, eco-justice, human rights, and most importantly empowerment of women and gender justice.

 In spite of our continuous initiatives, we are still struggling  and working hard against violence against women, gender discrimination, patriarchal and hierarchical society in our region.  The patriarchal values, practices, the tradition continues to affect  the life of  the majority of women in different contexts in our region.  WSCF as a faith-based community,  we believe in equity and justice for all people. Hence, our Christian faith has inspired us and we are called to work for the rights of women within our family, communities, and society at large.  With this conviction, the SCM women of the WSCF AP region came together to form the Regional Women’s Committee in 1984 to mainstream the work of gender justice and women leadership within the federation with an emphasis on  Regional Women’s Programme (RWP) for the young SCM women of WSCF AP. The  AP region decided to appoint a full-time staff to work on the RWP, to do justice to the cause. The AP region is probably the only region which has a women’s coordinator besides the regional secretary as a staff of the region.

 Since it’s inception the RWP have created space/avenues for many young SCM women through regional women’s programmes. The RWP have produced hundreds of young women leaders. These young women’s perspectives have changed positively the way they view themselves, the oppressive culture and the community where they belong. Their view of the Bible has been challenged through the use of feminists Bible studies. RWP is a blessing for our region and these women to have the ability to run and facilitate this initiative.

 Many young SCM women have found the safe space RWP creates.  They are unique spaces, where they come together to share their own stories and struggles to be empowered and liberated. Hundreds of women have been inspired, encouraged and enriched through the RWP and today they are serving as women leaders in our communities, churches and civil societies.

 Financial challenge:

Unfortunately, this very RWP is facing difficulties to continue it’s important work among the young women due to  financial constraints.  Today the whole ecumenical organizations are facing financial challenges and WSCF (AP) is not an exception. 

 The Asia-Pacific Standing Committee are now finding it difficult to support the salary of the full-time staff of the regional women’s programmes. The current Regional Women’s Coordinator Ms. Nina Nayoan from SCM Indonesia, who herself is a product of the regional women’s program of WSCF AP has led the Regional Women’s Programme of the region since 2012, based in the regional

office in Hong Kong. It is the responsibility of the Asia-Pacific region to pay for her salary and living costs in Hong Kong.  But the financial support for the regional women’s programmes is not enough to support both the programme expenses and the staff salary.

 Therefore, we the RWC members with the Standing Committee of the WSCF AP region coming to you with a specific request for financial support towards the salary of the Regional Women’s Coordinator for the next 4 months.

 We come to seek support from SCMs, Senior friends, Individual members because we are benefited from the  WSCF AP programmes in some or the other way.  Moreover, we still believe and uphold  the principle of sharing as a community, as we are reminded by the story of 5 loaves and 2 fishes in the Bible, which fed thousands of people through sharing their resources. And we strongly believe that WSCF as a family upholds the values of sharing, caring and solidarity.

 We, young women, want to continue the unique work of the regional women’s programme (RWP) in the region which has been empowering the young women of Asia for decades. Therefore, we need your financial support to sustain this unique initiative until we find some other alternative to make it self-supported. 

 Please click the link below to read some news/ personal stories of SCM young women who participated in the RWP

 We have already received some positive responses from generous senior friends and partners. Here is the link for the list of contributors:

Kindly  let us know your pledges/ support by sending an email to Ms. Sunita Suna, WSCF Regional Executive for A-P Region, at and or update  the list by entering your donations in the google doc.

Please click this link for payment methods:

Thanking you in advance for your support and we look forward to hearing from you,

 With warm regards,

 Regional Women’s Committee Members

WSCF Asia –Pacific

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