National Conference 2015

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.14.12 PMOn the 25th – 27th of September the Student Christian Movement Aotearoa (SCMA) held their Annual General Meeting and National Conference. It was held in St Margaret’s Anglican Church on the beautiful cost of Brighton, Dunedin.   A dozen SCM’ers participated in the National Conference from across Aotearoa, learning about the successes and challenges that have been part of SCMA during 2014-2015. The theme for the National Conference was “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on Fire.” This quote is taken from St Catherine of Siena and it helped the participants think about the vocation that God has called them to.

The conference had the great privilege of having Rev. Joanne Fielding come and speak on the topic of vocation.  She talked to us about the way in which God calls each of us in Gods’ own way. Each person will be called in different ways and in their own time. Some people know what God wants them to do when others must spend time in prayer and contemplation over many years to find their own vocation. The conference was also told that it was important to listen to other people and what they think your vocation is as sometimes it is easier for other people to see what God is calling you to. As a group we learnt a lot about vocation and will take this information into our lives.    

After the study on vocation the conference heard the reports of the various people in leadership and those that had represented SCMA overseas at conferences and training programmes. These reports highlighted the great work that the members of SCMA are doing within Aotearoa and worldwide.

One of the most interesting reports that was given was from Rosina Scott-Fife and the amazing sub Regional Women’s Programme she and the Sub RWP committee ran.  Aleshia Lawson also gave a report about her experience over in New York at the World Student Christian Federation North America Leadership Training Programme (WSCF NA LTP).  From this opportunity Aleshia gained knowledge in leadership and the way in which different countries ran their own SCMs. The conference also received a report from John Graveston who is a member of the World Student Christian Federation Executive Committee, his report told the conference about the opportunities that WSCF can give and of the challenges that the Federation is facing at this current time.  It was great to hear about all the great work members of SCMA are doing and looking forward to the future endeavours of the movement.

Overall the National Conference was a wonderful experience. It allowed us to meet with other SCMers from across the nation and discuss SCMA on a larger scale then we normally do.  The venue was superb, the people were great and the party at the end will always be remembered.